Thursday, September 30, 2010

bailey's chocolate bar, st louis mo
1915 park, st louis mo
thursday, september 30, 2010, 11.30pm-12:15am

after an incredible performance by the national at the pageant, we headed to bailey's chocolate bar, one of our favorite late night spots. although bailey's is known for its desserts and specialty cocktails, the bar also features over 90 beers, a nice wine list, specialty cheeses, and a variety of sandwiches and personal pizzas.
we arrived around 11:30 and, as always, were seated right away. bailey's has a bar in the front, a dining room in the back, and outdoor seating as well. the dining room is a small, intimate setting, and is the perfect spot for couples to spend time together and enjoy delicious food and drinks.

our waitress introduced herself, and gave us our menus along with water and complimentary cookies. delicious!
we looked over the drink menus, and made our decisions. my wife went with one of the specials for the night, the tiramisu martini. our waitress described the drink as heaven in a glass, and we both agreed it was absolutely wonderful.
my drink for the night was the lagavulin 16, a smokey single malt scotch from the islay region of scotland. baileys price for this remarkable scotch is just $8 a dram. for a scotch that retails for nearly $100 a bottle, this is a real bargain.
after our drinks were delivered we made our choices for dessert. i opted for baileys chocolate brownie. just as you might expect, this is a very rich brownie, served warm, and topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. i have ordered this dessert a few times before, and it is always delicious.

my wife choose the blondie. like my selection, this is a pretty straight forward dessert. it is also served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel. this was the first time either of us had ordered the blondie, and we both really liked it. being that the desserts are quite large, my wife was unable to finish hers, and i was allowed a good portion of it.

upon finishing our desserts, we settled the bill, and hit the restrooms. at baileys, this can be quite an adventure.
the restrooms are located down an extremely steep flight of stairs, and the ceiling in the basement is very low. after a few drinks, making it down the stairs safely can be a real task!

as usual, baileys did not disappoint us. in the future, i would like to try baileys for a full meal. their selection of cheeses looks very promising, and the pizzetas and sandwiches all sound very interesting. look for a future blog featuring, but certainly not excluding, the non dessert side of baileys!

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