Saturday, November 13, 2010

pinocchio's pizza & subs, cambridge ma
74 winthrop street, cambridge ma
saturday november 13th 2010

 located in harvard square, pinocchio's was a spot my parents visisted quite often while they were dating. although none of us were very hungry, and we actually had other lunch plans at my aunt and uncle's house, we stopped in for a bit of nostalgia for my parents, and so that i could try a famous slice of pinocchio's pie.

pinocchio's menu is predominatly made up of pizza and subs, but a few pasta options are also available. the eatery is quite small on the inside, with seating for twenty people at maximum.

as mentioned above, we had plans for a proper lunch, so i uncharacteristically ordered just a single slice. served piping hot on a paper plate, the pizza was delicous. the crust is perfectly crisp and both the cheese and sauce have great flavor.

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