Friday, January 28, 2011

the good pie, st louis mo

3137 olive street, st louis mo

the good pie is a neopolitan style pizza joint located down the street from st. louis university. they have a small focused menu featuring pies cooked in a wood fired oven.

we arrived at the small establlisment around 11:30am on a friday, and found the dining room virtually filled to capacity. as you can see, the decor is quite charming with exposed brick walls and vintage bikes hanging from the ceiling.

having already looked the menu over online prior to our meal, carrie and i already had a good idea of what we wanted to try, and wasted little time placing our order.

the good pie has a nice selection of craft beers on tap, and i selected the founders centennial ipa. this was an appropriately bitter india pale ale with a nice citrus flavor and paired well with my food.

to get things going, we began with a fantastic meat and cheese plate. this could have easily fed four people, and had a nice mix of both strong and mild cheeses, as well as some delicious cured meats. the plate was served with a warm pan of bread, which i believe was just one of their pizza crusts sans toppings.

we also sampled the mixed greens salad, with lemon oil, gorgonzola, and apple. a nice salad all in all, but nothing to rave about. it was a fairly large portion, and was more than enough for two.

our pizza selection was the prosciutto arugula. as you could probably guess, this pie was topped with prosciuto di parma, arugula, and mozzarella cheese. cooked in a wood fired oven, the pie was absolutely delicious. the crust was thin, puffy, chewy, and had a slight charred taste to it, which we both loved. the only small issues were that we had to cut it ourselves, and the toppings feel off very easily. with that being said, the good pie gives pi a run for its money as my favorite pizza place in the city.


to wrap things up, we each ordered a serving of gelato for dessert. the milk chocolate for me, and the coffee for carrie. the gelatos were just ok, and are something i would pass on next time.

against my better judgement (i had to be at work in an hour), i ordered another beer to go with the gelato. the bell's java stout is a beer i have been wanting to try for some time now, and i could not pass up the chance to sample it on tap. this is truly a beer unlike any i have ever had. with huge flavors of both coffee and chocolate, you would never know this was a beer if you didn't know better. although the gelato was lackluster, pairing it with the beer made it so much better.

while most of the food at the good pie was fantastic, and the space was great, the service did not keep up its end of the bargain. our salad was delivered minutes after our cheese plate, leaving very little room on the small table for the two of us to eat comfortably. while this was not ideal, i really wasn't that bothered. however, when the pizza arrived five minutes later, my frustration grew. when two people order a larger meat and cheese plate along with a salad, common sense would have it that you wait a bit longer than normal to make the pizza. we ended up not being able to fully enjoy our starters, as there was no room on the table for all the food, and we did not want the pizza to become cold. i really should have said something, but i held my tongue. also, we had to ask for dessert, as our server was ready to bring the check with no mention of it. next time we dine at the good pie, i will make it clear when i am ordering that we would like to take our time, and would rather have some time in between courses than have them all arrive at once.

service issues aside, the good pie was a big hit for both carrie and i. they have about eight different pizza offerings, and there is no doubt we will be returning multiple times to try them all. 

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