Friday, October 14, 2011

gino's east - chicago, il
162 east superior street
chicago, il 60611

on a family trip to chicago based around eating and a bruins/blackhawks game at the united center, stop number one after hopping off the train and checking into our hotel was the original gino's east location situated just off michigan avenue. opened in 1966, gino's east is known for their deep dish pizza and is a very popular tourist location.

arrving around 2pm on a friday afternoon, we waited in a line outside for about ten minutes before being shown to a table upstairs set for five. gino's is a large restaurant with multiple dining rooms, all covered in customer done graffiti. our waiter greeted us shortly, and rattled off a spiel he has obviously recited thousands of times about what gino's is known for and how it takes forty five minutes to an hour for a deep dish pie to cook. declining appetizers and salads, we put in an order for a small and medium (recommended due to our party size) sausage patty deep dish pizza.

arriving maybe five minutes earlier than expected, our two pizzas were cut and plated by our server, and we dug in. eating much faster than normal due to sheer hunger caused by the almost six hour train ride, i enjoyed the pizza for the most part, but probably would have liked anything that was put in front of me at that point. the thick golden crust was definitely the star of this pie, as i found the sauce a bit watery and the portion of cheese lacking. also, if were ever at gino's again (doubt it) i would not order the sausage patty, as the amount of sausage is just too much and really dominated the pie.

after chatting for a bit with our server about both boston and chicago sports, we settled the tab and headed back to the hotel to get some much needed rest before the next phase of our day. overall, i found the pizza at gino's to be just ok, and while i am glad i went for the experience, i really cannot see myself burning another meal in chicago there.

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