Tuesday, May 8, 2012

andolini's pizzeria - tulsa, ok

1552 east 15th street
tulsa, ok 74120

when the band thrice, a favorite of mine since high school, announced they were going on hiatus and a farewell tour was in the works, i knew that carrie and i would be in attendance no matter the cost/hassle/ect. when the tour dates were published and st. louis was excluded, chicago and kansas city became the most logical locations to catch a show. unfortunately in life, work comes first, and neither of those two dates fell in line with our schedules. disheartened but not willing to give up, the two of us determined that tulsa was the only date that worked time-wise as well as geographically. being that i am not one to typically settle for a nondescript meal meant for sustenance only, i scoured yelp and urbanspoon for a good place for a casual dinner before the show. after not finding much that peaked my interest, i eventually stumbled upon andolini's pizzeria, and upon perusal of the menu, one pizza offering in particular sealed the deal.
after completing the nearly eight hour drive to tulsa, carrie and i arrived at andolini's just after 5pm. the restaurant is located on a "cute" stretch with boutique stores and craftsman style homes lining the streets. from what i gathered in my short time in tulsa, this area was most likely "the place to be" in the otherwise desolate city. walking into the restaurant, we were seated promptly, and moments later greeted by our friendly server who made a few recommendations after asking if we were first timers. knowing going into the meal what we wanted, ordering was quick and painless.
andolini's has a pretty stellar beer selection, with roughly twenty craft beers on tap as well as at least fifty more choices in bottles. carrie and i both began with the chimay white ale, a terrific belgian tripel with a relatively sweet and fruity flavor profile. this was carrie's first taste of chimay white, and she even ordered a second later in the meal after declaring it one of the best beers she has ever had.
for food, we began with an order of garlic knots. served slathered in butter and generously dusted with parmesan cheese, these were excellent. piping hot and featuring an almost pastry like quality, the knots went quickly. 
moving along to the pie that brought us to andolini's in the first place, here we have the 'demarco of brooklyn', a tribute to the pizza created by dom demarco at his famed di fara pizzeria in brooklyn. this pizza features san marzano tomatoes, house made mozzarella, fresh picked basil, pecorino romano, and is finished table side with extra virgin olive oil. when i placed the order for the demarco, our server noted that it was the best pizza on the menu, and that she didn't mention it to us initially due to its large size. this was a fact that i overlooked, and when the pie arrived at out table in the only size it is offered, 20 inches, i knew i had my work cut out for me. digging in quickly, it only to one bite to confirm that andolini's was the best choice for our pre-concert meal. the large foldable slices were huge on flavor, with the fresh cheese and heavy basil notes really making this a pizza to remember.
as noted above, carrie opted for another chimay white to go with her pizza while i moved on to something a bit heavier. pictured above is the ommegang abbey ale, brewed in new york but in true belgian fashion. with fruity notes along with hints of caramel and toffee, this beer has grown to be one of my favorites.

with five of the eight pieces of pizza consumed between carrie and i, the remaining slices were boxed up and we made the five minute drive to cain's ballroom, arriving just as the doors opened. all things considered, our meal at andolini's was a hit as i am still thinking about that pizza as i type this, and i really need to make getting to di fara's to try the real thing a priority next time carrie and i are in new york. additionally, i will note that following the show (which was incredible), the remaining three pieces of pizza made for a fantastic snack, saving us from the otherwise inevitable fate of resorting to disgusting drive through fast food.

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