Wednesday, May 23, 2012

la vallesana - st. louis, mo
2801 cherokee street
st. louis, mo 63118
back in april of 2011, carrie and i ventured down cherokee street excited to try la vallesana for the first time. unbeknownst to us, the restaurant was going through an expansion, and service was temporarily being held in a tiny rundown storefront a block or so away. walking into the cramped and dirty restaurant, we were instantly out of our element, and while the food was quite good we didn't leave with a great first impression of la vallesana. after more than a year had passed with la vallesana off of my radar entirely, carrie and i drove by the newly renovated restaurant on our way to check out diana's bakery (woefully mediocre pastries btw) and decided a redo was in order.
arriving at la vallesana just before noon on a wednesday, we opted to sit outside as the weather was perfect and took the only available table on the covered patio. menus and water were delivered quickly, and with no alcohol on offer we declined additional beverages, bypassing the humorously available monster energy drinks (a guilty pleasure of mine). for food, a variety of tacos, tortas, and burritos are available, and within minutes are orders were placed.
arriving first was a plate of four tacos, two al pastor and two cachete (beef cheek). served in two soft corn tortillas each and seasoned with cilantro, onion, and lime, both offerings were terrific and a great value at two dollars a piece. i will note that the texture of the cheek might not be for everybody, and while i really liked its soft chewiness, carrie differed half of hers to me as she found it somewhat off putting.
for my main course, i selected the chorizo torta. served on a nice crusty roll, the sausage had the perfect mix of heat and flavor, making it a winner. being that the tortas are quite large, splitting one in order to taste more items would be a good ordering strategy.
sticking with the chorizo theme, carrie's came in burrito form. served with chips and guacamole, carrie was quite pleased with her selection.
to finish, we each tried one of the milk based popsicles. my choice was the sweet rice, which was fantastic. unfortunately, the coconut popsicle carrie selected was a miss for the both of us, as there was zero sweetness to it giving it a rather 'blah" flavor.

coming in at roughly thirty dollars including tip, our visit to la vallesana was certainly a positive one. although the neighborhood is a bit dodgy, the food is great and the patio is certainly nice on a mild day. we will be back.
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