Tuesday, June 26, 2012

longman & eagle - chicago, il

2657 north kedzie avenue
chicago, il 60647

in october of 2011, carrie and i enjoyed an outstanding late night dinner at longman & eagle that i unfortunately was not able to write about. it was the night of the st. louis cardinal's epic game six comeback against the tigers, and between the excitement of trying to follow the game on our phones and a table of overly intoxicated individuals continually trying to engage us in conversation, my mind was blank when i sat down to pen my thoughts on the meal a few weeks later. figuring then that a return to longman anytime soon (as good as it was) was unlikely given my ever growing list of chicago restaurants to try, the restaurant slipped to the back of my mind until i began researching places for breakfast/brunch/lunch for this most recent trip and discovered longman's excellent looking brunch menu was available monday through friday. after weighing all of our options, i decided to make brunch at longman & eagle our first stop prior to checking into our hotel.
arriving at chef jared wentworth's michelin starred establishment just past noon, we were greeted by the bartender and then promptly seated in the mostly empty dining area. still unsure at this point if we were ordering breakfast or lunch, carrie and i spent a good bit of time mulling over our food options as well as looking though the incredible drink list before making our final selections.
beginning first with a pair of drinks, my choice was the kentucky daisy made with rittenhouse rye, cynar, rosemary-mint syrup, fresh lemon, and barrel aged bitters. this was a solid drink for sure being sweet and tart upfront with a nice bitter element on the finish. carrie ordered a basic mimosa and was pleased with it.
being that i was having a hard time deciding between a breakfast dish or a lunch one, i chose something that was a combination of both. here were have chicken and waffles with sweet potato and pork belly hash and maple syrup. i will admit now that this is the first time i have ever had chicken and waffles on the same plate, but have enjoyed both items separately often enough to say that both components were well executed. the coating on the chicken was particularly thick and crispy, while the flesh within was moist and tender. the accompanying hash was also top notch with the sugary sweet potatoes and the savory pork belly going well with the overall theme of the dish.
being a serious fan of savory breakfasts, carrie went with her instincts and chose the wild mushroom omelet with house potatoes. like me, carrie was quite hungry after our five hour drive from st. louis, and easily cleaned her plate without allowing me even a single bite.

after debating on ordering another plate to share, we decided to pass as we were only about four hours away from our five o'clock dinner reservation. looking back on this meal as well as the dinner we had at longman last october, i would say that of all the restaurants i have been to in the last few years, longman & eagle would definitely be in the running for restaurant i would most like to have move next door to my house (avec and xoco also come to mind). with the excellent brunch menu available five days a week, ever changing dinner offerings of both small plates and full entrees, and one of the best bar programs i have ever seen, longman & eagle is the type of place you can visit for a variety of different occasions without breaking the bank. logan square residents are extremely lucky to have this place in their neighborhood. 
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