Wednesday, October 24, 2012

glazed and infused - chicago, il
813 w. fulton market
chicago, il 60607 

creme brulee - pictured top left, this was a vanilla creme brulee filled bismark style doughnut with a crispy sugar coating on top. this was a success and was quite enjoyable to eat with the interior creme being smooth and rich while the bruleed top added a great textural nuance to the mix.

maple bacon long john - i approached this offering with some skepticism based on reviews i had read, but was very pleasantly surprised as i found the balance of sweet maple icing and smoky bacon to be pretty much perfect. this was my favorite overall.

vanilla bean glazed - the worst of the three by far as it was simply nothing special in flavor or texture. absolutely pales in comparison to the glazed doughnuts at the doughnut vault.

would i return? maybe. i was satisfied with two of our three selections but nothing was as good as what brendan sodikoff is selling at the doughnut vault. with that said, glazed and infused has multiple locations in chicago and none of them feature long lines like the vault. if it is conveinent to do so, i would certainly not be apposed to stopping at a glazed and infused location and sampling some different doughnuts, but i won't go out of my way.
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  1. Hubby so wanted to try something from the Glazed and Infused, which now has morning service in the lobby of hotel we stayed at, Raffaello Hotel. I'll be sure he knows he made a smart calorie decision.


  2. but calories don't count on vacation...

  3. Can I take the bacon off of the donut before I eat it?

  4. well i suppose you could, but that would defeat the purpose imo.