Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tartine bakery & cafe - san francisco, ca

600 guerrero street
san francisco, ca 94110

lemon cream tart

this looked delicious in the case and ended up tasting even better. crisp buttery crust and perfectly tangy lemon filling tempered by mild cream.


while maybe a boring choice compared to the other available items, this was actuality my favorite of our three selections, and was realistically the best croissant i can ever remember having. the key here was the textural change between the exceptionally crisp crust and the soft layered interior.

morning bun

basically a cross between a croissant and a sticky bun, the morning bun is one of tartine's most raved pastries, and rightfully so. this also had a wonderfully crisp exterior but the inside was sticky cinnamon goodness.

a true testament to the quality of these pastries is the fact that i risked potentially spoiling my dinner at yountville's finest by consuming the majority of them within three hours of our reservation. i knew that i should stop but kept going back for another bite.
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