Friday, January 18, 2013

au cheval - chicago, il
800 west randolph street
chicago, il 60607

st. feuillien speciale and brasserie dupont avec les bons voeux.
foie gras terrine with strawberry jam served with toasted brioche...pure decadence
matzah ball soup...i didn't taste this but carrie loved it.
the burger at au cheval just might be america's most heavily hyped burger of 2012, and i knew going into the meal that i had to try it. served on a toasted bun from z baking company in morton grove, the "single" burger consists of two preformed four ounce patties (a "double" has three), sharp cheddar cheese, dijonnaise, and pickles. for those wanting more, you can go "au cheval" by adding on a fried egg and some seriously thick cut bacon. the burger worth the hype? in my even close, with burgers at kuma's sepia, and even hot chocolate ranking ahead of it in my book. this is not to say that it was not a tasty burger, i just didn't like it nearly as much as i hoped to given its buzz. the fries were merely fine, and i wish we had ordered something else on the side.  

i do not believe desserts are served at au cheval, and if so an offer was never extended our way. while the paragraph about the burger above may make this post seem like a negative one, it should not be taken as such. the feel of the restaurant and the attitude of the staff were both on point, and the food as a whole was quite good. under any other context, my thoughts on the burger would also read much more positively...i just didn't think it quite lived up to its reputation. now that lunch is served on a daily basis, au cheval is definitely a place i would like to repeat as several of the other available dishes sounded fantastic.


  1. Just found your blog while searching for something entirely unrelated and have to know more about that foie terrine. You got a giant vat of jam with it? And were expected to use all of it?

  2. haha, the portion was a bit excessive, but it went really well with the rich foie. two pieces of brioche toast were served with the dish, and i ended up using about half of the jam.