Thursday, January 31, 2013

niche (5) - clayton, mo
7734 forsyth boulevard
clayton, mo 63105

pictured below is the chef's tasting menu...i am going to stick with pics only for this post as too much time has passed since this meal to write a proper review. i will note that the new space is quite nice, and the food was excellent as expected. i was somewhat disappointed in the service, finding it peculiar that wines and dishes were dropped at the table with very little description. these are some complex plates, and just being told the main ingredient simply isn't sufficient. i am excited for this new iteration of niche, but after the outstanding meal i had at little country gentlemen and the buzz i am hearing about what is going on at elaia, chef craft is going to have to keep pushing if he wants niche to remain the top restaurant in st. louis.

egg - maple custard, roasted mushrooms, bonito caviar
dia's cheese bread
white sweet potato soup - sage marshmallow, puffed wheat, smoked paprika, cress
escolar crudo - missouri caviar, preserved lemon, creme fraiche, dill
foie gras - sunchoke barigoule, wild rice, fennel
wild gulf shrimp
parsnip and lime freezee pop
filet of beef - fermented potatoes, turnips, mocatel, beet, lavender
celery granita - yoghurt panna cotta, local ginger, pop rocks
pumpkin custard - creme fraiche ice cream, pumpkin crumble

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