Thursday, April 4, 2013

bar toma - chicago
110 east pearson
chicago, il 60611

 about the restaurant:
- located just off of the magnificent mile, near the park hyatt
- owned by spiaggia chef tony mantuano
- open all day for lunch and dinner serving 20 different pizzas along with italian themed small plates
details of our visit:
this was an impromptu meal on the last day of our trip. we had already had doughnuts from the doughnut vault, and with reservations at graham elliot for 5pm, wanted something relatively light and inexpensive. we made a reservation that morning via opentable, but arrived 30 minutes early and were seated at a high top table without issue.
duvel single and goose island matilda
charred octopus antipasti
margherita pizza
raspberry gelato

the man handling our table was very friendly and informative, explaining the restaurants concept and checking in on us at appropriate times.

decent...the octopus was a nice starter with good flavor and texture, but the pizza was just ok. gelato was forgettable, but that may be due in part to our choice of flavor.

overall thoughts:
this meal definitely served its purpose, offering decent food at a good price just a few blocks from our hotel. one could certainly do a lot worse for lunch in the magnificent mile area. with that said, bar toma is not the type of place i would plan to revisit, but if i was in the area and needed a quick bite without spending much, i would consider it again.

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