Sunday, June 30, 2013

pastaria (2) - clayton, mo
7734 forsyth boulevard
clayton, mo 63105

this is the second time i have posted on pastaria, but there have been many undocumented meals at the restaurant in between my first visit and this one. this was my first brunch, and as i have come to expect from chef gerard craft and his team, it was excellent on all fronts.

corpse reviver and mimosa
breakfast pizza - tomato, bacon, fontina, egg, garlic, chili, parsley

wood oven baked eggs with amatriciana sauce
glazed doughnuts

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

little country gentleman (2) - st. louis, mo
8135 maryland plaza
st. louis, mo 63105

below are pics from our recent grand taster...all i am going to say is that little country gentleman is in my opinion the most interesting and entertaining dining experience one can have in st. louis. order the gtm with the wine pairings and prepare for a 3+ hour culinary it!

raspberry/foie gras doughnuts


clam shooter



copper river salmon

tofu with chawanmushi ice cream

spaghetti with shaved bottarga

pork trotter croquette with raspberry jam

"breakfast" featuring duck parts

bone marrow

gizzard sandwich

goetta bolognese


sweetbread stuffed quail with brussels sprouts

savory ice cream sundae with a bourbon cherry

chocolate pudding?

chocolate truffles

strawberry financier

take home cookie!