Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2 sparrows - chicago, il

553 west diversey
chicago, il 60614

about the restaurant:
- located in chicago's lincoln park neighborhood
- owned and operated by two charlie trotter's alumni
- serves upscale breakfast/lunch/brunch fare
details of our visit:
2 sparrows was the first stop on our most recent visit to chicago. we arrived around 11:45am on a tuesday, and were seated immediately in a dining room that was a quarter full at best. 

blackberry bourbon lemonade - angel's envy bourbon, blackberries, orange bitters, lemonade
earl grey gin fizz - journeyman distillery gin, earl grey, lemon, soda
foie gras cherry pop tart and maple bacon doughnut
belly sandwich - biscuit, blackend pork belly, sunny side egg, spicy aioli, roasted potatoes
chile relleno - anaheim pepper stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar, queso fresco, almonds, cranberries, tomato, apricot sauce, southwest scrambled farm fresh eggs

proprietor steven fladung greeted us upon entry and allowed us to chose the table we felt most comfortable at. from there, we were handed off to a friendly waitress who was extremely upbeat and enthusiastic throughout the course of our meal. water was always full and had we encountered any issues it was clear that we were in good hands.

loved it...the treats we began with were both stellar, with the more savory than sweet maple bacon doughnut being the best doughnut i think i have ever had.

overall thoughts:
nice decor, friendly staff, great food and drinks. this meal was definitely a success. 

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