Friday, August 16, 2013

eleven madison park (2) - new york, ny
11 madison avenue
new york, ny 10010

not much needs to be said here...this was our second visit to eleven madison park, and as much as i enjoyed our first meal there, our experience on 8/16/13 easily exceeded it. while the staff was just as friendly and the room obviously equally beautiful, the food was on another level in terms of both flavor and presentation. this is the kind of meal that listing standouts dishes wouldn't really make sense, as it was literally hit after hit. i will note that the lobster/tomato salad served with a lobster claw and tomato soda is one of the best dishes i have ever eaten.

cheddar - savory black and white cookie with apple

sea urchin - snow with smoke cantaloupe and conch

surf clam - tomato, beans, and savory

nessie - scotch, campari, ginger, vanilla, absinthe, lime, grapefruit, house-made grenadine, angostura bitters, peychaud's bitters 

littleneck clam - manhattan chowder with whelk and razor clam

tomato - confit with lobster salad and bonito


foie gras - brulee with summer berries and beets

carrot - tartare with rye bread and condiments

black bass - poached with zucchini and squash blossoms

presentation of 140 day dry aged beef

sunflower - barigoule with sunchokes and black truffle

beef - grilled with onion, cherries, and ginger

greensward - pretzel, mustard, and pickled green tomatoes

malt - egg cream with vanilla and seltzer

sassafras - sorbet with banana cake, caramel, and vanilla

red pepper - cheesecake with strawberry and cashew

intelligentsia coffee brewed via siphon

card trick

pretzel - chocolate covered with sea salt

chocolate - sweet black and white cookie with apricot

laird's apple brandy

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