Wednesday, August 14, 2013

gramercy tavern - new york, ny
42 east 20th street
new york, ny 10003

lunch at gramercy tavern was our first proper meal on this trip to new york, and we opted for the five course tasting priced at a very reasonable $58. as a whole, i would say the food was good, with the pork dish being fantastic (loved the corn/shisito pepper mélange) and the halibut merely ok. the dessert course was a marked departure from what i would typically choose, but turned out to be a pleasant and very refreshing surprise. service was friendly and efficient, but i was somewhat surprised at the brisk pacing of the meal, as the first three courses arrived in very rapid succession. overall, i enjoyed our time at gramercy tavern, but will admit i was expecting a bit more given the restaurant's reputation and michelin one star rating.   
backhand - bulleit rye, fernet branca, grapefruit bitters
orange blossom - sparkling wine, st. germain elderflower, orange bitters
bread service
chilled melon soup - cucumbers and pickled watermelon rind
ruby red shrimp - summer beans and artichokes
halibut - eggplant and tomato water
pork tenderloin and belly - corn, peppers, and husk cherries
strawberries and cream pre-dessert
lemon verbena granite - fresh peaches and blueberry lime sorbet
petit fours

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