Thursday, October 31, 2013

husk - nashville, tn
37 rutledge street
nashville, tn 37210

- beautiful space inside and out, awesome service ware
- our server's (lindsay i believe) friendliness and personality definitely enhanced our meal
- cocktails were so good we broke our typical rule at lunch and ordered a second
- food blew us away...the burger is an example of a perfectly executed classic
- the success of this meal has me targeting charleston, sc for a future trip to check out brock's higher end restaurant mccrady's
night train - bulleit rye, barrel aged maple syrup, nux alpine walnut, angostura bitters
the mayflower - plymouth gin, cocchi americano, orange blossom honey, lemon juice, regan's orange bitters 
 parker house rolls
sc shrimp and grits, heirloom tomatoes, shiitake, wedge oak farm egg
roasted gourd soup, chestnuts and maple
ole sorgy #2 - pure kentucky bourbon, sorghum syrup, spiced cherry, black walnut bitters, lemon peel, allspice
the real dill - beefeater gin, cucumber syrup, dill flowers, lemon juice, hopped grapefruit bitters, rose water 
husk cheeseburger, double h farms beef and fried potato wedges
bear creek beef with barefoot farmer's garlic scapes, roast cauliflower and herb dressing
caramel layer cake, bourbon barrel aged vanilla bean ice cream
buttermilk pie, lemon and cream

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the catbird seat - nashville, tn
1711 division street
nashville, tn 37203

- very cool minimalist space, focus definitely is on the food
- chefs and other staff were very friendly, beverage director especially
- food exceeded expectations...every course delivered
- fun beverage pairing that included beer and cocktails along with wine
- the liver and brioche stuffed poussin is the best chicken dish i have ever had
- pacing was too slow...the meal took almost four hours and there were some looong breaks in between courses
- $140 per person including the standard beverage pairing is a fantastic value, maybe even the best i have ever experienced
- catbird would unquestionably be a michelin one star in nyc, chicago, or sf
- can't wait to go back
"bar nuts"
island creek oyster, guinness, meyer lemon
smoked fish, matzo, gribenes, dill pickles
merguez, egg, yolk ("scotch egg")
louis de grenelle, cremant de loire, france

"hot chicken

salad greens, pecan butter, huckleberry jam, pine dressing
gin + sauvignon blanc + dry vermouth, preserved lime

veal terrine, pickled red onion, endive, celery, tarragon, dijon
schlafly biere de garde, st. louis, mo

sticky potato, mackerel

trout, meyer lemon puree, smoked cod roe, egg yolk, sugar cured egg
arndorfer kamptal reserve gruner veltliner, 2012, niederosterreich, Austria

wedge oak farms poussin, potato, brassicas, ramp capers, chicken liver, brioche
domaine des deux anes fontanilles, 2008, corbieres, france

second serving of fries chicken leg

cidre glazed short rib, porcini mushrooms, mountain rose apple, nasturtium
autor, 2010, priorat, spain
pan fried cheese sandwich, country ham, sheeps milk cheese, white sauce
la collina lambrusco quaresimo igt, emilia, italy
black walnut pudding, maple oat chip, fennel ice cream, apple cidre ice
lairds applejack + walnut syrup + angostura
egg, maple bacon, custard, thyme
bourbon, bourbon beads, vanilla cake, cherry crisp, oak wood ice cream, pineapple gelee
mad cuvee late harvest tojaki + black maple hill bourbon rinse
chocolate caramels

hattie b's hot chicken - nashville, il
112 19th avenue south
nashville, tn 37203

for our first meal on our first ever trip to nashville, what else but hot chicken would be appropriate? hattie b's seemed like the best opinion for multiple reasons, and the experience was definitely a success. parking around 3pm. was easy, and we walked in to find no line whatsoever. i went for a large white basket 'hot' while carrie opted for strips also prepared 'hot'. we both typically enjoy spicy food, and what hattie's calls 'hot' (as apposed to 'medium' or 'damn hot') was at our absolute ceiling for heat tolerance. with that noted, i found the chicken to have good flavor aside from just heat, and the texture of the skin/breading was fantastic. as for the sides, the pimento mac and cheese was strangely addicting while the fries were just ok.
yazoo sly rye porter

large white plate 'hot' with pimento mac and cheese and fries

3 tenders plate 'hot' with baked beans and fries