Wednesday, November 13, 2013

sidney street cafe (3) - st. louis

2000 sidney street
st. louis, mo 63104
- 6 course tasting menu with carrie and i each receiving a different course (except for course one)
- wonderful service...very friendly and knowledgeable, dish descriptions were perfect
- the food was not only more complex than i remembered, but it was also more whimsical...this is definitely the most fun i have had at sidney street
- standout dishes were the hamachi crudo (an exercise in both temperature and texture), the scallops (pig noodles!), and the rabbit and waffles. the celery soda was also insane!
- sidney street is definitely one the best restaurants in st. louis
hamachi crudo - puffed rice, apple snow, and more
smoked shrimp, sausage stuffed heads, pumpkin broth
foie gras - smoked torchon, cranberry chutney, candied foie gras stuffed crab apple

dungeness crab - sunchokes, green tomato gelee, tarragon marshmallows, brown butter vinaigrette, crappy iphone picture
veal sweetbreads - corned sweetbread hash, cornbread, "cranberry ketchup", poached quail egg


celery soda
carmelized scallops - pig noodles, bok choy, turnips, and more
loup de mer - posole and more
 sour apple sorbet
elk strip - kimchi spaetzle, brussel sprouts, preserves sour cherry gremolata, bone marrow vinaigrette
rabbit and waffles - chicken fried rabbit, breakfast sausage, collard greens, sourdough waffles, mustard/sorghum ice cream
carrot cake - ginger meringue, butternut squash puree, lemon curd and more
 "snicker bar" - chocolate mousse, honey nougat, roasted peanuts, dulce de leche, ganache, chocolate sorbet

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