Wednesday, January 29, 2014

grace (2) - chicago, il
652 w. randolph street
chicago, il 60661

while i certainly enjoyed my first meal at grace back in january of 2013, the experience left me wanting a bit more. the room and service were both top notch, but there were a few courses that were just ok for me. this meal, on the other hand, delivered from start to finish with no duds to speak of. the highlight of the meal was the inclusion of chef duffy's famous king crab dish, which i first sampled at avenues a few years ago. i am aware that duffy plans to totally redo the menu each season and has said that he won't reuse dishes, but to me there is no shame in keeping a single signature dish on the menu at all times a la black truffle explosion or oysters and pearls (neither are as good as duffy's masterpiece). other favorites were the miyazaki beef, the perigord truffles with crème caramel with added from the flora menu, and the pear dessert. service was just as friendly and engaging as last time, making us feel perfectly relaxed throughout the meal, and the room was as stunning as i remembered it being. i am happy to say that this meal puts grace firmly on my list of fine dining favorites in chicago, and i am looking forward to returning sometime next year.

opening bites - rabbit, lobster, turnip, citrus

chawanmushi - osetra caviar, yuzu, purple shiso

alaskan king crab - kalamansi, cucumber, lemon balm

bread service

 brandade - mustard, heart of palm, chamomile

duck - sunflower, cranberry, marjoram

miyazaki beef - summer pickles, aged grits, dill

perigord truffle - crème caramel, sherry, chive

sweetbreads - ten grains, caperberry, sage
raspberry - lychee, kokum, nasturtium
pear - black sugar, licorice, lemon verbena
chocolate - pineapple, hazelnut, banana mint

final bites

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