Friday, March 7, 2014

senza - chicago, il
2873 north broadway street
chicago, il 60657

while i have been aware of senza for some time, i will admit that i had originally written the restaurant off due to it's gluen free menu. i started paying attention to senza after it was awarded a michelin star for 2014 and decided to give the lakeview restaurant a shot on my most recent visit to chicago. after starting with a fantastic bourbon/thai chili cocktail, the tasting menu began and was phenomenal from beginning to end. naming standout dishes isn't really possible, as it would literally be three-quarters of the menu, but i will note that my absolute favorite course was the scallop dish with foie gras, blueberry, granola, and oxalis. never once did i miss gluten, and i am quite positive that i would have not been able to tell senza was a gluten free restaurant had i not known going in. chef sandoval's cooking is definitely worthy of a michelin star and ranks very highly amongst the other chicago based restaurants bearing that distinction.
oyster amuse bouche

hamachi - flavors of michelada

scallop - foie gras, blueberry, granola, oxalis

parsnip - lobster, guanicale, cherry, horseradish

caraway rye bread

loup de mer - artichoke, lime, marjoram, paprika

pork belly - lingonberry, coriander, celeriac, szechuan pepper

wagyu - enoki, sesame, dashi, nuoc cham

agnolotti - hedgehog, kumquat, huckleberry, thyme

lamb - black garlic, grape, almond, anise hyssop

bonus cheese course

oatmeal - pine nut, apricot, sherry, tangerine lace

chocolate - butterscotch, raspberry, rosemary, pumpkin seed

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