Thursday, April 17, 2014

the good pie 2.0 - st. louis, mo

6665 delmar boulevard
st. louis, mo  63130

at its new location in the delmar loop, the good pie is operating at a level far exceeding its first iteration. while the original midtown restaurant was my favorite place in st. louis for pizza, it offered little else aside from solid beer choices. that is no longer the case as the good pie now boasts a cocktail list rivaling the city's best along with rotating pasta and seafood specials to go with the stellar neapolitan pizza. the night of my visit featured a toothsome duck egg pici for pasta and meaty razor clams, both of which were outstanding. as expected, the two pizzas sampled were very good, with the crust being pretty much perfect. only gelato is offered for dessert, but the marzipan option blew me away.

a step in the right direction - muddled strawberry, ransom old tom gin, campari, house-made strawberry shrub, lemon, luxardo fernet
pine and pepper - st. george terrior gin, luxardo abano, dimmi, lemon, gomme syrup, shampagne

duck egg pici - rabbit, kale, pear, pistachio, red bud blossom

razor clam special

#37 3/4 - buffalo trace bourbon, cappelletti aperitivo, raw beet syrup, the big o ginger liqueur, house-made bbq bitters, winter tincture, applewood smoke
pompeii - espolon reposado tequila, pierda almas mezcal, canton ginger liqueur, luxardo abano, habanero shrub

brussels sprouts and pancetta special

 margherita d.o.p. - tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil

marzipan gelato

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