Thursday, May 1, 2014

elizabeth (3) - chicago, il
4835 n. western unit d
chicago, il 60625

per my last two meals at the restaurant, i returned to elizabeth expecting nothing less than fantastic food and hospitality, and was not let down in the slightest. my parents were along for the ride this time around, and while they have accompanied us on a few eating adventures over the last few years, they do not have nearly as much experience with "fine dining" as my wife and i do. although a course or two may have pushed them slightly outside of their comfort zone, they were captivated by the unique presentations and unusual ingredients, and are still talking about the experience weeks later. as for me, i felt that this meal was every bit as good as my previous two at the restaurant, with the dessert portion of the menu being stronger than ever. there is no doubt that i will be back to elizabeth many more times in the future as it is truly one of my favorite places in the country.

chilled pea, sturgeon, snail roe, and mint
"tea tree"

venison and yolk

terrarium of where the ramps are

ramps and day lily
champagne serge faust, "reserve", vandieres, nv

wild rice and bear

indiana shrimp tempura
bonny doon, "querry cider", california, 2011

shrimp noodles
jean bourdy, savagnin, cotes du jura, 2006

mushroom tea

fried woodland mushroom

twigs and carrots
jezebel, "willful", pinot noir, dundee hills, 2011

fava bean soup, parmesan pudding, fiddlehead ferns

spring greens and sweetbreads
frederic giachino, altesse, roussette de savoie, 2012

duck stew and homemade sourdough
burgans, "cuatro pasos", mencia, bierzo, 2010

spring lamb and beet
broadley, "upper five", grenache/syrah, rogue valley, 2012

test tubes


fruit loops

juniper, sunchoke, rhubarb
domaine du petit coteau, "l'etoile moelleux", vouvray, 2010

chocolate and almond cookies

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