Saturday, June 7, 2014

niche (7) - clayton, mo
7734 forsyth boulevard
clayton, mo 63105
following my last dinner at niche back in november of 2013, i stated that it was the best experience i had had at the restaurant to date. well, that is no longer the case, as this evening was even more enjoyable. the smoked trout beignets were a welcomed addition to the canapés at the beginning of the meal, and the following vegetable courses really epitomized the restaurant's mantra of doing exceptional things with humble ingredients. while the egg (always present) and pork shoulder dishes were repeats from our last meal, i was more than happy to eat them again as they are both truly excellent. as for the final savory, i greatly preferred the flavorful akaushi ribeye to the filet that was served on my past two visits. pastry chef sarah osborn's desserts were once again on point, with her rhubarb offering being a study in texture and temperature. service was flawless, with our primary server (jordan i believe was his name) showing great excitement throughout the meal. i also really appreciated members of the kitchen staff taking the time to deliver plates to our table and explain the creations. there is no doubt that my wife and i will be returning to niche in the (hopefully not to distant) future, and i look forward to sitting at the chef's counter next time for an up close view of the action!
whole wheat bread with aged goat butter

oak tea

smoked trout beignets, sorghum butter, chives

coxhina, sorrel aioli

dia's cheese bread, house charcuterie, pickles

the niche egg

asparagus soup, buckwheat, raw garlic, ramps

berger bluff carrots, quinoa, buttermilk, herbs

(supplement) fava beans, new potatoes, chives, ricotta, lemon, oregano

smoked pork shoulder, hickory, popcorn, pecan, brussels sprouts

(supplement) quail, turnip, levain, yogurt, tarragon, kohlrabi

bourbon freeze pop

akaushi ribeye, ramps, fingerling potato, pearl onion, honey

rhubarb, normandy tart, pistachio, angelica

green strawberry, olive oil cake, goat cheese panna cotta, almond

marshmallow, strawberry pate du fruit, brazilian chocolate truffle

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