Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the libertine (2) - clayton

7927 forsyth
clayton, mo 63105

this was a meal of epic proportions featuring dish after dish of fantastic food. the she-crab soup, grilled octopus, and maple syrup courses were my absolute favorites. we obviously ordered a lot of food, and the restaurant did a great job coursing everything out so there was never too much food on the table at any given time. prior to this meal, my last dinner at the libertine was in august of 2013, and i do not see anywhere near that much time passing before i visit again, as i feel that chef galliano's food is definitely in st. louis' top tier.
tom wait for no man - 630 "rally point" high rye, libertine sweet vermouth, fernet amaro, housemade spring bitters
elvis costello lost in missouri - pimm's no. 1, pinckney gin, housemade citrus soda, cucumber ice, housemade mint tincture
rushmore afterhours - tequila ocho plata, lemon balm, lemon-chamomile bitters
skatalites in jalisco - el tesoro platinum tequila, cassis, strawberry-pink peppercorn tincture, ginger

monseigneur bocephus - eagle rare bourbon, benedictine, local honey, sarsaparilla soda
fear and loathing - gosling's black seal dark sum, housemade cola, pecan foam, citrus dust

fried garbanzo beans

bread and butter

scorched twisted peppers - bacon, tomatoes

she-crab soup - blue crab spring roll, sherry pearls, marash chile

clams casino - piquillo peppers, mudrica breadcrumbs, chorizo vinaigrette

grilled octopus - cauliflower-turmeric relish, gnudi dumplings, arugula pesto

golden tile fish collars

crispy pig tails - 'buffalo style', whipped gorgonzola, brown butter polenta
nettle gnocchi - butter roasted mushrooms, saba, turnips, crunchy onions, 'cream of mushroom'

ash roasted carrots - granola, cilantro chutney, vadouvan and carrot puree

berkshire pork loin - parsnip puree, ramps

chocolate milk swiss roll - gianduja rice crispies, cajeta, horchata jam, coconut milk sorbet

the libertine candy bar - salted caramel semifreddo, hazelnuts, ganache, chocolate dacquoise

sicilian olive oil cake - chocolate mint 'salsa verde', amaretti, burnt honey ice cream

such and such farms maple syrup - coffe tuile, budino, world's fair doughnut ice cream

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