Saturday, October 25, 2014

eleven madison park (3) - new york, ny
11 madison avenue
new york, ny 10010

savory black and white cookie with apple

bread, butter, duck broth, and salt

kabocha squash
roasted with pear, chestnut, and radicchio

hudson valley foie gras
marinated with grapes and mushroom bread crumbs

pastrami with rye, leek, potato, and cranberry

long island seafood
widow's hole oyster with yogurt and lemon
scallop with pistachio and apple
marinated blue crab with pickled radish
vichyssoise with caviar, smoked blue fish, and quail egg

atlantic halibut
slow cooked with clams, squid, and shellfish parsley sauce

lion's mane mushroom
braised in its own broth 

sausages, liver on toast, and cured bread
finger lakes duck
dry aged with apple, rutabaga, and fall squash jus

cato corner farm cheese
with soft pretzel, plum conserve, and bitter green salad

sorbet with caramelized milk and milk foam 

baked alaska with rum, caramel, and cranberry

chocolate covered with sea salt

sweet black and white cookie with apple molasses

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