Wednesday, February 25, 2015

the modern - new york, ny
9 west 53rd street
new york, ny 10019

pumpkin soup, hazelnuts

bread service

foie gras and orange tart, sweet fennel vinaigrette

roasted beets and pears, sheep's milk, rosemary, oats

sweet potato gnocchi, shaved black truffles

duck en chartreuse, apple, green cabbage

beef glazed in bone marrow, parsnips, parsley, parmesan

carrot cake, fromage frais, toasted coconut sorbet

gianduja cremeux, wafer streusel, nutella ice cream

green apple wanna cotta, almond cake, lemon verbena ice cream

key lime pie


  1. Hope the meal was as good as it looks. My dinner there in January was magnitudes better than my first one back in 2012.

  2. it absolutely was. service was perfect and every dish hit the mark, with the foie, duck, and carrot cake being my absolute favorites. for the record, i hope to get back to actually writing about my meals at some point, but cannot justify taking the time to do so right now.