Thursday, June 25, 2015

the american - kansas city, mo
200 e. 25th st. #400
kansas city, mo 64108

asian pear coated with marcona almonds and black garlic financiers with creme fraiche

alaskan king crab with yuzu and fish skin and sesame crackers dusted with matcha

chicken liver gougeres

black truffle ice cream, dill oil, grapefruit

cucumber, oyster, tomato, basil seed

lettuce root, finger lime, madai, bronze fennel

pea, black olive, caviar

trout roe, foie gras, chawanmushi, buckwheat

english muffin with jam

wood sorrel, king salmon, sweet onion

chive, ramp, potato, buttermilk

blue corn muffin with butter

huitlacoche, ribeye, morel, wasabi 

brie, elderberry, radish, arugula

pre-dessert (details forgotten)

strawberry, angel food, thyme, burnt milk

chocolate, blackberry, espresso, devil's food

final bites

joe's kansas city bar-b-que - kansas city, kansas
3002 west 47th ave.
kansas city, kansas 66103

the z-man sandwich - slow smoked beef brisket, smoked provolone cheese, onion rings, kaiser roll

short end

Friday, June 5, 2015

benu (2) - san francisco
22 hawthorne street
san francisco, ca 94105

bread service

thousand-year-old quail egg, potage, ginger

oyster, pork belly, kimchi

whiting, horseradish, cherry blossom

caviar, winter melon, chicken cream

pickled wild mackerel

fluke, sesame leaf, daikon
white sea trout with roe, radish, perilla

asparagus and sesame

sea urchin, okra, nori

foie gras xiao long bao

abalone with sunflower hosanna and bonji

frog leg, mountain yam, celtuce

whole baby sea bream, iceberg, black trumpet mushroom, aged tangerine peel

 baby corn, peas, black truffle, roasted hen jus

beef rib, eggplant, broccoli, ramp, charred scallion 

shaved milk and honey

coconut, almond, strawberry

dark chocolate with fruit seeds

pine marshmallows